Support Your Immune System


Want to see the research? See the FLCCC guidelines for prevention and early treatment.

  • NAC: 600mg twice a day
  • Vitamin C: 1g daily. Optionally increase to bowel tolerance. Recommend using ascorbic acid in powdered form, put in a shot glass and fill with water. Rinse your mouth after to avoid damaging your teeth.
  • Quercetin: 500mg twice a day
  • Glutathione: 100-200mg 4x a day between meals
  • Aspirin: 325mg daily as a blood thinner. Do not take if you have been advised not to by a healthcare professional and/or if you are already on blood thinning medication.
  • Vitamin D: 5,000 IUs daily
  • Zinc: 50mg daily.
  • Melatonin: 5-10mg. Slow release form recommended.
  • Additional therapies: Gargling with salt water or antiviral mouthwash; sunlight; hydrotherapy; belly time.

It is important not to let the illness progress.

Well Washington consultants can help you:

  • Understand supplements and recommended dosing
  • Optionally purchase a supplement kit
  • Additional techniques you can do at home
  • Compassionate 1:1 support to help you stay focused on recovery

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Rx Medications

As recommended by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. This list does not constitute medical advice and is shared for informational purposes only.

See our Local Practitioners or Telemedicine pages to get prescriptions.

  • Azythromycin (Z-Pak)
  • Ivermectin 6 mg. twice a day for 1 day
  • Budesonide 1 mg/2cc solution via nebulizer twice a day for 7 days
  • Dexamethasone 6 mg. once a day for 5 to 7 days
  • Blood thinners (i.e. Eliquis or Xarelto)

Monitoring Blood Oxygen Levels

By the FLCCC.

In symptomatic patients, monitoring with home pulse oximetry is recommended (due to asymptomatic hypoxia). Multiple readings should be taken over the course of the day, and a downward trend should be regarded as ominous. 

Using an oximeter:

  • Use the index or middle finger
  • Only accept values associated with a strong pulse signal
  • Observe readings for 30–60 seconds to identify the most common value
  • Remove nail polish from the finger on which measurements are made
  • Warm cold extremities prior to measurement

If you need professional medical care

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