For Caregivers


Intro for collaborators: Survive now, thrive tomorrow.

Goal: Help people take responsibility for their health. Reduce use of Rx and industrial healthcare, encourage movement, nutrition, stress management.

Well Washington is incorporating as an LLC, meaning we can buy wholesale, take on partners etc. The business will include some aspect of the following:

  • PMA
  • Online content for members only
  • Ebooks
  • Wellness products
  • Home health consultants…

Home Health Consultants

Worst case scenario: Widespread reaction to the vax, hospital decay and/or vax mandates may necessitate a “domestic red cross” where we go to people’s homes and provide whatever level of care we can.

Best case scenario: Current issues raise awareness of the harms of industrial healthcare “pharmakeia” mindset and increases interest in “back to basics” wellness.

Well Washington is not for prescribing meds, locking people into diagnoses, or increasing their sense of helplessness.

Well Washington is for education, inspiration, resources, and human-to-human care.


  • What kinds of treatment would be needed for the spike protein specifically?
  • SHTF scenarios:
    • What kinds of services can be provided without hospital-grade equipment?
    • What supplements and equipment should we gather now to be ready?
    • First aid supplies and training: who wants to own
  • Logistics:
    • Are you comfortable going to a patient’s house?
    • Would a partner/driver make you more comfortable?
    • Hourly needed as a contractor
  • Beyond medication: What role does food play in wellness? Fellowship? touch? What aspects are we ready to support?
  • In a SHTF scenario how much should triage factor against emotional/stress/perception?


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Spiritual factors treating patients in India