Avoiding the COVID Jab

Follow Washington employee jab resistance here.

Legal Defense


Informed Choice Washington is a local organization that has been doing incredible work for several years to preserve your right to choose. They are constantly working to assemble the most up-to-date information on the vaccine situation in Washington. Please sign up with them. Much of the information on this page was provided with help from their members.

Peggy Hall aka “The Healthy American” has a rich library of videos, printable flyers and resources for those seeking to defend their medical freedom. Access on her website

Children’s Health Defense is the go-to for informed consent activists.

The Highwire with Del Bigtree is an authoritative, popular, and entertaining video channel that explores everything medical freedom.

The simple answers to concerns about the “vaccine”:

  • They are not vaccines, they are experimental drugs.
  • The FDA has not approved them.
  • This means it is illegal to require anyone to take them. The Nuremberg Code is a medical ethics document written in response to Nazi experimentation. It prevents doctors from forcing or coercing someone into taking experimental drugs. This is considered a universal human right.
  • In Washington, because King Inslee can’t require vaccination, he is incentivizing it. Businesses can expand capacity, unmask, etc based on whether patrons or employees vaccinate. This could easily lead to discrimination or coercion, but we have to take it to the courts.

For years, parents who doubted vaccines or watched their vaccinated child suffer were called “Crazy.”

In order to end medical tyranny, we need strong Washingtonians to step forward and say: I have been coerced. You were not crazy. This ends with me.

Do you feel pressured to vaccinate?

You have three steps to take:

  • Decline to discuss your status. Taking an injection is a personal, medical choice. Anti-discrimination and ADA laws are designed to prevent people from bullying or influencing employees based on their health status (think: HIV positive).
  • Seek legal counsel if you are penalized for declining (fired, child bullied etc). I’ve listed local defense organizations below.
  • Practice civil disobedience. Find parents or coworkers who agree and organize protests, walk-outs, sit-ins, or other civil disobedience.


Rep. Jim Walsh, 19th District is leading the charge on protecting your medical freedom. You can subscribe to email updates from him on his webpage.

HB1570, which is designed to ban vaccine passports, can also be followed via email.