About Us

Well Washington, LLC is a wellness coaching and education service based in Southwest Washington. We offer classes, workshops and content to help people reclaim responsibility for their health.

We are developing a library of classes and 1:1 consulting options to help you increase your health through the winter season. Please subscribe to get updates as these become available:

Message from Palmer:

We are told we are too dumb to understand how to care for our own bodies. That only a doctor can tell us what to do, or better yet, some international organization with increasing power over our lives.

In fact the principles of health are simple. What has become too complex is our manmade system of chemical-laden food and pharmacology, testing and medical procedures that are more about obfuscating reality than helping people enjoy their lives.

The industrial healthcare system has become an altar. We turn for wisdom to scientists instead of priests, and worship data instead of God. We are required to obey authorities we don’t understand, who invoke texts we’re not allowed to read, who claim the right to control our actions – does that remind anyone else of the Middle Ages?

What we need now is to get back to basics: prepare our own meals, go on more walks, and hang out with our kids instead of staring at a screen.

Liberty comes from self-reliance, and we’re all about it here at Well Washington.

Palmer Davis, Owner