Tomorrow’s Workshop

Tomorrow’s workshop is sure to be informative. I will try to record it for those who are not in this area. Please reach out if you are interested in hosting or collaborating in other parts of the state. We are grassroots. Local co-hosts make this happen.

COMING SOON: We are ***this close*** to offering Zoom and in-person consults and classes on topics like diabetes management, nutrition and herbalism. This is really exciting because it will unleash all our wonderful, insightful healthcare practitioners to empower you outside the industrial system that has been trying to…. shall we say… dominate us? Stay tuned, and reach out if you are interested in becoming a consultant in your area.

Recently updated with more info:

Your insight makes this happen! Please keep sending in links and resources. Even if I haven’t responded, I’ve heard. Email to

To the future,


One thought on “Tomorrow’s Workshop

  1. Hello,

    Please record today’s event. There are a lot of people that really want to be there, but can’t make it. Please record and upload the replay to the website. Thank you!!

    Thanks, Rick


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